Can SEO And PPC Work Together

Combining Paid and Organic strategies might help you accomplish more, but how? There are a few simple methods for getting synergies started in your campaigns.

SEO and PPC operate on similar principles, despite popular perception that they are “The Dark Side.” Keywords users are searching for and the quality of the landing page can impact campaign performance.

It’s no surprise that the two may be utilized together to produce some amazing results; on the other hand, there could be some very perplexing problems if there isn’t a line of communication between the two teams.

What Is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. The website will be optimized for ranking on search engine results pages (SERP) by having keywords naturally integrated into the content (web pages, blog articles, landing pages). The more Google likes a webpage or blog article, the higher it ranks when users search with relevant terms.

Keywords are critical to SEO. They aid in the determination of how to rank web content most effectively. Consider this scenario: a plumber’s blog articles should not be positioned against an electrician’s landing page.

The two are completely unrelated. A customer looking for a plumber, on the other hand, would be perplexed by seeing a landing page for an electrician as the top result.

Instead, keywords assist in determining how a website is ranked, which content will be compared to it, and whether or not it should be considered spam.

The more relevant and meaningful the keywords are, and the easier they flow through the material, the higher your chances of ranking high on a SERP. And if you rank highly in a SERP, you’ll get more traffic, consumer leads, and conversion rates.

What Is PPC?

PPC is a type of advertising cost that refers to pay-per-click. A business creates a Google Adwords account and runs an ad campaign, which is referred to as PPC. The ad will continue to run until the budget you set has been depleted. You will, however, be charged only for each click on the link.

PPC differs from SEO because it does not rely on keywords as much. PPC is focused on increasing organic traffic to a website. Instead, PPC employs keywords to guarantee visibility for similar products or services. The link will, however, not be included in the organic results.

The advertisements above the organic results that aren’t numbered and frequently state “ad” or “Advertisement” are known as PPC ads. Businesses utilize PPC advertising to promote their products or services. In a nutshell, PPC is a type of internet advertising that allows businesses to purchase traffic.

Due to Google’s Quality Score and Ad Rank, a business may have to pay more money if the number of visitors and link clicks through their advertisements rises. They can stop the campaign at any time or when they reach their predetermined budget, in which case the ad is canceled. However, this might necessitate launching a fresh ad to capitalize on the increases.

SEO And PPC Working Together

Because both deal with internet traffic in order to boost leads, conversions, and market exposure, it’s not unreasonable to think they might complement one another. Would it be worth investing in both? What is the advantage?

There are several ways that integrating SEO and PPC into your overall marketing plan might benefit you.

Increase Search Engine Presence

As you may well be aware, increasing your website’s SEO will improve your chances of ranking on the first page or even #1 for one or more keywords that you are aiming for.

Additionally, purchasing PPC advertisements for that term with a high enough bid places your ad near the top of the search results page when someone searches for that term.

If you optimize your website and purchase PPC advertising for a keyword like this, you’ll be sure that your brand dominates the search results and has a better chance of getting those important clicks.

PPC Can Be Used to Test SEO Strategy

Using a PPC campaign to test keywords, titles, and meta-data is an excellent approach to learn more about your SEO strategy. Unlike SEO, which might take weeks or months to show results, PPC will instantly provide answers.

The data acquired from your PPC campaign may be utilized to help you improve and enhance your SEO approach. When you’re looking for a new keyword, it might take months before organic data arrive in sufficient quantities to determine whether or not it’s effective. PPC, on the other hand, delivers fast outcomes.

You’ll be able to experiment with a new keyword, headline, or meta-description in your PPC campaign to identify which one works best and use that in your SEO campaign to boost organic ranking positions and traffic.

PPC Helps Regain Ignored Search Engine Clicks

If your brand is already ranking #1 in organic search for a particular term, you may believe that purchasing a PPC ad for the same term is pointless. After all, isn’t it wasteful to have your company shown on the same page twice?

According to Google Analytics research, when search ad traffic for a term was halted, about 89% of the traffic was not replaced by organic rankings. This implies that even if your site is naturally ranking #1, stopping your PPC advertising may negatively affect your traffic!

PPC allows you to catch clicks and interest from searchers that you would have otherwise missed by using it. Even if you don’t rank #1 naturally, PPC may assist you in attracting visitors through those interested in your products or services and for a very little cost.

Control Negative Reviews 

They can polish up your image with their abilities should a client give you a low rating or negative press begins to swirl around your company’s name.

In this situation, you’re not trying to get more people to buy a product or service by using key phrases and ad campaigns. Instead, you’re utilizing keywords and ad campaigns to bring consumers to a location where they can hear your side of the story. SEO and PCC might be used together to tell your narrative.

A company that sells frozen meats has recently been connected to a salmonella outbreak in the news. The firm could run ad campaigns and SEO initiatives to direct individuals who search for “salmonella epidemic” to a page on the website describing what the business is doing to prevent future occurrences and assist those affected.

By combining SEO and PCC, the firm presented its side of the story since they determined where people would be sent to first.

SERP Rankings

It should go without saying that SEO and PPC working together can increase exposure on SERPs. When one campaign succeeds, people generally reduce their efforts on the other. You may double your exposure and chances of growing visitors by combining the two.

On the other hand, PPC can pick up the clicks that SEO missed when both are effective. However, this is not the case in the reverse, even if your site ranks #1 organically.

Need Help With SEO And PPC Marketing Campaigns?

Are you completely new to SEO, PPC, or both? Do you want assistance with combining the two into a cohesive Internet marketing strategy? CBT can assist! Our professionals have years of expertise using PPC and SEO to generate real results for your firm as a major full-service Internet marketing company.

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